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Discover a new path to optimized quality & throughput

In these times, it is more essential than ever for Kรผhne + Nagel to have full transparency of the company's processes in order to meet delivery deadlines and maintain control over the cashflow. Organizations like yours are also facing growing business, production, and process complexity across the board, from increased regulatory standards to supply chain volatility to the explosion in available data within organizations.

According to market research firm IDC, not only are most companies unaware of lost potential due to process weaknesses, 20-30 % of their revenue is lost that way. And this is where Celonis comes in.


How can Celonis help Kรผhne + Nagel?

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Frictionless Finance

  • Optimize for outcomes across finance

  • Hunt down and eliminate inefficiency

  • Get full visibility over your processes

  • Monitor and ensure compliance


Frictionless Supply Chain

  • Maximize On-Time, In-Full Delivery

  • Optimize Inventory

  • Increase Productivity


Frictionless Customer Service

  • Accelerate Revenue Growth

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction

  • Optimize Marketing ROI

Order Management

Frictionless Order Management

  • Deliver on time, every time

  • Increase productivity across your teams

  • Improve the quality of your order operations

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Frictionless Procurement Processes

  • Increase Productivity

  • Optimize Spend

  • Reduce Risk

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Want to learn more?

Discover solutions for Kรผhne + Nagel

Arrange a demo with our expert Roman Eisenhut and you will see how our Process Mining, AI and Automation solutions can help your teams to make your business more efficient and improve your operations.

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Frictionless processes increase business value

Better delivery performance

At Plansee, delivery performance was improved by 18% by optimizing delivery blocks

CHF 1,3 Mio.
Increased efficiency

Magazine zum Globus achieved annual savings of CHF 1.3 million through increased efficiency in e-commerce and 20% less cancellations

Reduced cycle times

3M has reduced order-to-cash cycle times by 20%