New Year's Eve Countdown Calendar

Join us as we countdown to the last 10 days of 2020 with tips and tricks from Celonis!

NYE countdown 10
Snap & Integromat
Did you know that you can now combine our free Process Mining Tool, Snap, with Integromat? Check out this step-by-step guide shared by our product lead on Linkedin to discover how you can analyse your processes in Trello. Celonis acquired Integromat this year and with it automation has never been easier.
NYE countdown 9
Process Analytics
Process documentation directly from variant explorer to process repository With the integration between Process Repository and Process Analytics, you can now directly document as-is process variants in BPMN 2.0 standard or as an image. To export the process model from the Variant Explorer, you should first enable BPMN export in your analysis settings. Then with a right-click next to the discovered process in the explorer component, you see the export option in the context menu. You can either export BPMN or image to your local machine or directly store it in the Process Repository. After you select the option to save in the repository, you need to select process category and process model. By saving the model, you have successfully documented your discovered process in BPMN format in the Process Repository. Already a customer? Log-in to our Help Pages for a Step-by-Step Guide with Images
NYE countdown 8
Process Repository
NEW Celonis Process Modeler: A new BPMN modeler is now available in the Process Repository that allows users designing their process models in BPMN 2.0 standard. The new process modeler allows users to define details of each process step by adding description, responsible role, input/output, and customer/supplier. such information will better help people to understand the process as they are executing it. Already a customer? Log-in to our Help Pages for a Step-by-Step Guide with Images
NYE countdown 7
Install new Execution Instruments in the Celonis Studio
Install new Execution Instruments in the Celonis Studio Weโ€™ve updated the look and feel of some of our most popular instruments for processes like purchase-to-pay, order-to-cash, accounts payable, and accounts receivable. Theyโ€™re all built using our latest EMS platform technology to give you complete visibility over your processes. You can install them from the EMS Store directly into Studio, where you will also be informed of available updates for the Instruments. Already a customer? Log-in to our Help Pages for a Step-by-Step Guide with Images
NYE countdown 6
Quickly bring your machine learning use-cases to production
After developing a machine learning use case or a machine learning model, the challenge is to bring it to production quickly so that it can start bringing value. Machine Learning Workbench provide the scheduling functionality, where you can quickly select your machine learning notebook and specify the frequency of execution so that it automatically runs periodically and bring new results every time new data comes in.
NYE countdown 5
Improve your working capital by reducing Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
The Accounts Receivable Collections Management Execution App enables precise, risk-based forecasting and management for leaders by using Machine Learning to predict likelihood of payment for each individual invoice based on customer risk. Celonis uses a Machine-Learning based analysis that is looking not only at each customerโ€™s historical payment behavior, changes in recent payment patterns, the products or services customers purchased, and the country the customer is based in but also analyzes the customerโ€™s payment behavior with other companies in the industry using Celonis.
NYE coutndown 4
Execution Apps - Opportunity Management
Find out which deals in your pipeline are most likely to close. The Celonis Quality Index leverages Process Mining and Machine Learning to understand the probability of an opportunity to close based on past sales process behavior of similar opportunities.
NYE countdown 3
Set up SAP automations without any technical knowledge
You might already know that Celonis Process Automation allows you to execute any action in SAP. With the new simple SAP Action, we now provide 40+ out-of-the-box SAP automations that allow you to immediately get started without any technical knowledge about SAP. Simply select what to automate in SAP (e.g., changing the delivery date of a sales order) and Celonis takes care of the technical part. Besides, also custom use cases and SAP actions are supported.
NYE Countdown 2
Send regular automated reminders to ensure Cash Discount Realization and On-Time Payment
You can send out automated reminders to certain stakeholders (e.g. approver, buyer) in case the (Cash Discount) due date of an invoice is approaching soon. You can do this by using the Execution App's new automation functionalities. Set it up by 1) creating a new invoice record in the knowledge model using the standard invoice identifier, 2) appending || REMAP_TIMESTAMPS(TODAY(),DAYS ) to ensure that the sensor is triggered every day and 3) creating a filter indicating when the email should be sent and applying that filter in the respective skill.
NYE Countdown 1
Real Time Connectivity to SAP ECC and S4/HANA via the Replication Cockpit
Achieving real-time connectivity is the first, and most foundational step in your journey to unlocking execution capacity. With a stable and real-time data pipeline, you can build an ecosystem of Execution Apps and instruments to immediately identify execution gaps in your processes, know how to resolve them, and automatically take action to eliminate the execution gaps. The Replication Cockpit, coupled with the Real Time Extractor fo SAP, solves this challenge. It ensures that the data is replicated from SAP to the EMS in a real time, with minimal setup and maintenance effort.