We help you drive
process improvement.
Across your entire business. At speed.

The average company runs its processes over hundreds of systems that don’t play nice together.

This leaves a lot of room for process inefficiencies.

These process inefficiencies hurt your business performance.

They hurt the planet even more.

It’s time to fix that.

Celonis is the system of performance.

1,400+ companies use Celonis to optimize their processes, boost their business performance, and lighten the load on mother earth.

Get a 360° view of your business execution

See how your business really works, view how all of your processes interconnect. Find out if they are money-makers or money-takers.

Give a brain to your processes

You’re the business expert, but you can’t possibly know how every single process works. Prioritize the biggest process opportunities.

Reach new levels of performance

Apply process improvements automatically, or empower your people to make change happen. Perform at levels you never thought possible.

Customer stories

Leading Swiss companies are already using Process Mining to unlock hidden value:

Seeing is believing.

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Start quickly.
Scale infinitely.

You’ll typically hit the most strategic initiatives first. Start small, see results fast, and scale from there. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it. Work that used to take years, gets done in weeks. And the results are head spinning, some say unprecedented. Try it - and to warn you - once you start, it’s hard to stop.

Process Excellence

Big wins are easy when you know where to look. We give you an accurate view of your processes as they happen, reveal the opportunities to improve, so you can drive immediate impact.

Supply Chain Transformation

The race for customers is won and lost on the supply chain track. Remove inefficiencies from your supply chain, ​to win and retain even more customers.

Shared Services Transformation

Shared Services has never been more strategic and under more pressure to deliver. We help you drive innovations while running lean and mean!

System Transformation

We all know system transformation is a rough ride. Let Celonis help you avoid the pitfalls. We make sure you’re on the right path to maximize success.

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