Win more, win faster, and win smarter

The S/4Hana Migration Lunch & Learn

Win more, win faster, and win smarter

Opportunity Management Lunch & Learn

About this weekโ€™s Theme: Blending Art and Science to Improve Sales Execution Capacity Every sales organisation operates at a certain execution capacity โ€” the level of performance it can achieve with the available time and resources. Yet, despite spending billions on sales technology, sales processes are still not delivering the expected results. Theyโ€™re forced to run across rigid and fragmented systems, resulting in execution gaps. During this luncheon we will show you how the Celonis for Opportunity Management Execution App can augment your sales execution capacity by analyzing process-related data in real time, identifying process execution gaps, and taking action to close them. Join us as we explain how Celonis allows you to:

  • Identify pipeline gaps early so they can be addressed. Pipeline generation is often undirected and not-prioritised based on where it is needed.

  • Understand historical performance to assess the strength of current opportunities.

  • Visualise your end-to-end sales process and measure the relevant KPIs in real time

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