December 3rd | 1:30 CST - 5:00 CST | On-site & Virtual

Process Excellence Day at BMW

Join us on December 3rd for our first Process Excellence Day at BMW with our partner Deloitte

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Why you should participate

World-Class processes to enable data-driven decisions - that is BMW’s vision for providing customers with the finest driving experience possible. To achieve exceptional processes, every division, every leadership force and every employee must have full transparency and a clear understanding of the process landscape. Only then can data-based decisions, improvements, and automated processes become reality.

Register now for our Process Excellence Day at BMW with our partner Deloitte to learn more on how Celonis can help you eliminate common errors, inefficiencies and delays in your departments and processes.

1:30 CST - 2:00 CST: Workshop Warm-Up: Process Mining Intro
2:00 CST - 2:30 CST: Keynote Presentation: BBA Success Stories
2:30 CST - 3:30 CST: Parallel Sessions 1&2
3:30 CST - 3:45 CST: Coffee / Tea Break
3:45 CST - 4:45 CST: Parallel Sessions 3&4
4:45 CST - 5:00 CST: Closing Remarks

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