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DSAG Congress 2015: Process Mining Lecture on Wholesale

July 25, 2016

Whoever wants to expand its competitiveness in a business with high volume and fast moving materials requires optimized and efficient processes. But that is easier said than done. Here, in particular, the analysis of the current business processes plays a vital role. It provides important insights to identify process anomalies allowing businesses to derive the right measures. The problem: Classical methods of analysis, while offering a wealth of statistics, but do not constitute process contexts. Celonis Process Mining (CPM) promises exactly this on SAP HANA. CPM visualizes actual processes in real time in which the user can determine the level of detail himself using extensive filter functions, allowing the observation of the entire supply chain all the way down to the singular document level. Thus, complex relationships can be displayed in clear process variants and analysed.

In the lecture “Process Mining for wholesale – Case Study for EWM / storage process” the DSAG participants learn about how the wholesale company Schukat electronic uses the Celonis Process Mining solution to increase its competitiveness. Schukat evaluates the Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) at the detailed level of individual handling units. By analysing individual process variants, slow running and procedurally complex materials and the causes for such are identified. Thus the user is not only able make informed decisions based on the data he gathered through Process Mining, he can also, by the continuous application of Process Mining, review the implementation and effectiveness of the measures he decided upon. The presentation also discusses MM / procurement data and represents the route from ordering to shipping. It will take place on September the 30th, 2015 under the trading session at 15.45.

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