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Process Mining for Utilities: EVU-Process & IT-Days 2015

July 25, 2016

On the 27th of April, the 12th annual IS-U Forum for RU-process & IT-days 2015, commences in Berlin. The forum offers four days at which IT, sales and network experts discuss and inform visitors on the design of future IT and process strategies the RU and Public Utilities Companies will adapt. This will be done through lectures, workshops and practical insights.

Whether we look at Big Data, custom tariffs or the implementation of new legal regulations – utilities are faced with ever-changing market conditions and have to manage a variety of complex business processes. Celonisโ€™ process mining technology is a new, smart way to meet these challenges. Process Mining uses the digital traces that every process leaves in the IT systems. These digital footprints are analyzed in real time and across multiple systems, so that the user is presented with the actual processes which occur in the whole business. All IT-based processes in areas such as network operations, sales, billing, accounts receivable management and shared services can be analysed. The company’s existing data sources such as ERP, IS-U, Common Layer or CRM serve as a basis for these analyses.

Celonis is a sponsor of the event and informs interested visitors at its stand. In the lecture “Celonis Process Mining: New technology for process analysis and real-time monitoring” visitors are shown how Process Mining, by means of a novel process analysis, evaluates and visualizes all IT-based processes, creating the necessary transparency for improvements, using practical examples. A live demonstration of the method completes the appearance.

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IS-U Jahresforum: EVU-Prozess & IT-Tage

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