Maximize business outcomes withPi - Proactive Insights.

Celonis PI (Proactive Insights Engine) combines Process Mining with Machine Learning and A.I. to achieve highly intelligent and fully automated insights.

PI Conformance

Intelligent Insights into Conformance and Root causes

  • How can I compare the desired process (to be) model against the actual process (as is)?
  • What issues have the greatest impact on my performance?
  • What are the root causes for deviations and performance loss?
  • How can I identify activities, flows, teams that have a negative impact?
  • Where do I need to take action?
Machine Learning

Shape the future with machine learningimplementation!

  • How can I guarantee higher delivery reliability to my customers?
  • Which open transactions will become critical?
  • How can I avoid production blocks?
  • How will customers change their behavior in a changing market?
PI Social

Strengthen team performance and interactions!

  • How do teams in my organization perform?
  • How can I make sure workload is balanced even?
  • How can I Highlight inefficiencies in organization structure or interactions?
  • How can I identify key players in my organization and Who contributes most to business goals?
PI Companion

Always have powerful process mining insights availablewhile you work!

  • How can I use process mining insights to make my daily operations more efficient?
  • How can I Identify potential issues with vendors, parts, actions, etc. before they have an impact?
  • Which vendors have the fastest delivery record?
  • How can I prevent payment blocks?

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Get Started with Pi.

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The Next Generation of Process Mining

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TU Eindhoven

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