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Introducing Operational Apps

Put AI to work in your operations

Operational Apps: Product Overview

Get ready for a whole new way of working

Celonis Operational Applications combine our market-leading Process Mining engine with business context, AI, and automation to help you achieve your business goals.

Operational Apps are role-based applications that put AI to work in your processes, automating tasks in systems, prescribing guidance to employees, and prioritizing workflows according to your desired outcomes.

Let's see how our new Apps unlock a whole new way of working.

Operational Apps demo gif
Operational Apps demo gif

What has AI done for you lately?

The operational employees involved in business processes across the company, from Finance to Supply Chain, don't have the real-time insights they need to take the right actions at the right time. They lack the tools to uncover sources of friction within processes. But the answers are there โ€” hidden in the process data within your transactional systems.

What if AI could sense friction within those processes and guide employees and systems to take actions that optimize the process for your desired outcome?

Now it can.

Sense-Act diagram
Sense-Act diagram
Phil Fersht, HFS Research

โ€œCelonis has been the industry pioneer that has elevated process mining to the forefront of the strategic operations narrative.โ€

Phil Fersht
Founder & CEO
HFS Research