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Introducing Operational Apps

Put AI to work in your operations

Operational Apps: Product Overview

Get ready for a whole new way of working

Celonis Operational Applications combine our market-leading Process Mining engine with business context, AI, and automation to help you achieve your business goals.

Operational Apps are role-based applications that put AI to work in your processes, automating tasks in systems, prescribing guidance to employees, and prioritizing workflows according to your desired outcomes.

Let's see how our new Apps unlock a whole new way of working.

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What has AI done for you lately?

The operational employees involved in business processes across the company, from Finance to Supply Chain, don't have the real-time insights they need to take the right actions at the right time. They lack the tools to uncover sources of friction within processes. But the answers are there โ€” hidden in the process data within your transactional systems.

What if AI could sense friction within those processes and guide employees and systems to take actions that optimize the process for your desired outcome?

Now it can.

Sense-Act diagram
Phil Fersht, HFS Research

โ€œCelonis has been the industry pioneer that has elevated process mining to the forefront of the strategic operations narrative.โ€

Phil Fersht
Founder & CEO
HFS Research
Alexander Rinke

โ€œOperational Applications connect to enterprise systems in real-time to put AI to work directly in your operations, so you can react as the market shifts.โ€

Alexander Rinke
Co-Founder & Co-CEO

How Operational Apps Work

Accounts Payable Operational App Screenshot - Steering Board

Start by setting your business goals

Executives can set their goals and KPIs in Celonis, and steer every employee in their organization toward actions that further strategic outcomes.

AP Operational App Screenshot - Action Board 2

Sense operational friction

The Celonis AI Engine analyzes all of the process data in your source systems and desktops to surface process โ€œblockersโ€ that prevent the desired outcome. AI and Machine Learning combine to sense anomalies in real time.

Materials Management Operational App screenshot - Supply Chain overview flow

Act with agility and intelligence

Automation enables rapid action through out-of-the-box skills that translate insights into deliberate tasks that users activate at the touch of a button.

Operational Apps for everyone

Weโ€™ve built our first two Operational Apps, and with our next-generation platform, now you can, too.

AP Operational App - Control Center

Accounts Payable

Drive outcomes in AP: optimize days payable outstanding, eliminate duplicate payments, increase your touchless invoice rate, and more.

Supply Chain Operational App - screenshot

Materials Management

Drive outcomes in your Supply Chain: improve inventory accuracy, increase on-time delivery rate, and reduce throughput times.

Operational Apps Screenshot - setting up workflow

...And so much more!

Harness the power of the Celonis platform to build your own Operational Apps. From Sales and Production, to Customer Service and HR, our community is building apps for every industry and role across the enterprise.

Anyone can build Operational Apps

Build an intelligent app that steers your business operations toward outcomes by following our 7-step framework.

0 - Establish outcomes

โ€ฆby aligning your business and technical stakeholders.

7 steps to building an Operational App

1 - Connect to your data sources

โ€ฆto establish a continuous, secure data pipeline with over 30 pre-built connections and real-time data feeds.

7 steps to building an Operational App

2 - Put data into process context

โ€ฆby transforming it into a cross-system, cross-process data model, made easier with 80+ pre-built process models.

7 steps to building an Operational App

3 - Link process data to KPIs and outcomes

โ€ฆto identify the root-cause of process inefficiencies and enable intelligent decision making.

7 steps to building an Operational App

4 - Sense anomalies

โ€ฆautomatically using our library of outcome-based anomalies, or add your own with pre-built and custom machine learning capabilities.

7 steps to building an Operational App

5 - Create signals

โ€ฆusing your cross-system and -process anomalies, providing unique insights and opportunities to streamline your business.

7 steps to building an Operational App

6 - Turn signals into actions

โ€ฆwith real-time, intelligent automation and recommendations and leverage pre-built actions for other systems.

7 steps to building an Operational App

7 - Build boards

โ€ฆtailored to each user group by combining 40+ analytical and operational components to provide context, improve collaboration, and facilitate next-best actions.

7 steps to building an Operational App

The result?

A single operational application that optimizes your process for the desired outcome by providing intelligent recommendations to operational users and systems.

7 steps to building an Operational App
7 steps to building an Operational App
Sam Covell, Genpact

โ€œCelonis continues to develop exciting new capabilities and Operational Apps that will help drive positive outcomes for both Genpact and our clients.โ€

Sam Covell
Chief Procurement Officer
Jan Fuhr II

โ€œBefore Celonis, we realized only 61% of our cash discount. Today we are achieving 90%. By combining data, insights, and automation, the AP Operational App makes day-to-day work so much more productive.โ€

Jan Fuhr
Process Mining Lead
Fresenius Kabi

Learn more and get started

What has AI done for you lately? Itโ€™s time to put it to work in your operations. Get in touch to find out how you can get started using and building Celonis Operational Apps.

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