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Operational App for Materials Management

Close the gap between planning and reality in Supply Chain

Resilience is the holy grail of Supply Chain, and its fundamental challenge has always been the gap that lies between planning and reality โ€” fueled by operational silos and latent, inaccurate data.

Celonisโ€™ Operational App for Materials Management puts AI and Process Mining to work to close that gap and achieve your outcomes, extracting hidden value in your existing systems.

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Improve the outcomes that matter

Whether itโ€™s optimizing for working capital, revenue at risk, or profitability, Celonis works across silos to surface the scope and scale of friction threatening outcomes, improves underlying planning assumptions, and guides immediate action at every level of the organization.

Close the gap to run an aligned and resilient supply chain.

Challenges in Supply Chain
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โ€œI believe that within a few years every company will need software like Celonis to survive the market.โ€

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Features: how it works

Material Management Operational App screenshot - set the outcomes

You set the outcome

Celonis aligns your organization by communicating priorities and mobilizing every employee into action, automatically.

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Continuously sense friction

Celonis surfaces friction across the systems and silos of your supply chain to quickly provide outcome-driven visibility to critical material flow.

Materials Management Operational App screenshot - intelligent action

Take intelligent action

Smart recommendations throughout the organization help to drive the outcomes youโ€™ve selected.

Work smarter at every level of the business

Global executives steer more confidently

With complete visibility across systems and departments, and rapid surfacing of critical friction, driving outcomes has never been easier.

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Regional leaders act more proactively

Continuous analysis captures material flow and performance against KPIs at the business unit level โ€” and enables preemptive action to mitigate risk.

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Operational managers take more effective action

Celonis recommends better planning parameters for the future โ€” and immediate, automated actions for now, ensuring each action drives toward the outcome youโ€™re working towards.

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Business Strategy Meeting - Executives
inventory accuracy

A Fortune 100 telecom company went from 79% to 99% inventory accuracy by gaining visibility into devices that were incorrectly flagged as undelivered to customers.

on-time delivery rate

A textiles manufacturer increased on-time delivery rate to more than 95% by combining ERP and third-party shipment data to track delay patterns and optimize the shipping process.

throughput times

An electronics manufacturer reduced throughput times by 30% by eliminating credit blocks that impacted accurate production planning.

Learn more and get started

What has AI done for you lately? Itโ€™s time to put it to work in your Supply Chain processes. Get in touch to find out more about the Celonis Materials Management Operational App for Supply Chain.

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