Accounts Payable Calculator

Quantify Hidden Business Value with Our Accounts Payable Calculator

Use our business value calculator to work out exactly how much money you are leaving on the table in Accounts Payable — and how much you could stand to gain by optimizing your Account Payable process with Celonis.

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How much is inefficiency impacting your business value?

Inefficiencies are a byproduct of complexity and growth — but bleeding money doesn’t have to be the cost of doing business. Celonis finds and fixes the inefficiencies in every business process to unlock millions in value. But what does that Celonis ROI look like for your A/P department, specifically?

Use our Celonis value calculator to understand the value of driving better A/P business execution. We’ve already identified key business value drivers — input numbers like your annual spend, invoice line items, and FTE costs to find out where you could unlock capacity in your department’s day-to-day operations, based on our industry benchmarks and over 2000 customer deployments.

Get your customized summary report when you’re done — it’s free — and find out exactly how much working capital you could be freeing up in A/P by maximizing productivity, cutting operational costs, and optimizing on-time payments.

Fortune 500 companies are already seeing results in A/P

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improvement in working capital

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paid on time rate

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captured cash discounts

Calculate the value of Celonis for other departments

Want to find out how your business can become a top performer across the board? Try one of our business value calculators for Procurement, Order Management or Accounts Receivable, and work out the business value Celonis could bring to your function.


Optimize spend, increase productivity and improve supplier relationships.

Order Management

Increase on-time delivery, productivity and customer satisfaction.

Accounts Receivable

Free up working capital and increase productivity while cutting costs.

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