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Use our Enterprise value calculator to work out exactly how much money you are leaving on the table — and how much you could stand to gain.

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1. Tell us more about your enterprise

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2. Click on calculate for an initial estimation

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In a few seconds you’ll get your 2-pager report including a detailed breakdown of your savings.

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Fortune 500 companies are already seeing results

schlumberger --kpi
saved in SAP migration costs
vodafone --kpi
reduced time-to-market
comcast --kpi
improvement in asset utilization captured

Calculate the Celonis ROI for your department

Want to get more specific? Try one of our business value calculators for Procurement, Accounts Payable, Order Management or Accounts Receivable, and quantify the value Celonis could bring to your function.


Optimize spend, increase productivity and improve supplier relationships.

Order Management

Increase on-time delivery, productivity and customer satisfaction.

Accounts Payable

Free up working capital and increase productivity while cutting costs.

Accounts Receivable

Free up working capital and increase productivity while cutting costs.

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