Build a Business Case for Your System Migration Using Our Value Calculator

Use our business value calculator to work out exactly how much value a data-driven system migration could create for your business — when you minimize risks, costs, and time-to-value with Celonis.

VC accounts payable
VC accounts payable

Want to get buy-in for your system migration?

Next-generation IT systems not only enable organizations to meet today’s business challenges, but also to future-proof their operations for years to come. And yet, many CIOs struggle to get business buy-in for a system migration, given the many risks, challenges, and costs involved. Time to change that.
Celonis supports you in all phases of your migration — from reducing efforts for process mapping, harmonization, and fit-gap analysis pre-migration to maximizing ROI by removing crucial process inefficiencies and identifying improvement opportunities long after Go-Live.

But how much value could Celonis unlock for your transformation project? Use our value calculator to quantify the benefits of running a data-driven system migration with Celonis. We’ve already identified the key value drivers — input numbers such as processes and systems in scope, average PD cost per day, total project budget, and your total annual revenue — to calculate how much time, effort, and costs you can save throughout the project.

Get your free customized summary report today, giving you everything you need to make your transformation case — and finally migrate with confidence.

Global performance titans are already using Celonis for their system migration

Calculate the value of Celonis for other departments

Want to find out how your business can become a top performer across the board? Try one of our business value calculators for Procurement, Order Management or Accounts Receivable, and work out the business value Celonis could bring to your function.


Optimize spend, increase productivity and improve supplier relationships.

Order Management

Increase on-time delivery, productivity and customer satisfaction.

Accounts Receivable

Free up working capital and increase productivity while cutting costs.

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