Maintaining Supply Chain Reliability During Turbulent Times


Maintaining Supply Chain Reliability During Turbulent Times

April 21st | 1pm ET

The COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting supply chains around the globe. Instant transparency means being able to act now and get your customers what they need โ€” so you can make the right decisions to serve those who depend on you. Before companies can reimagine their businesses and create value for customers, they need to closely define, visualize, and then continue to monitor their operations. Without detailed insights and an understanding of the reality behind their processes, businesses canโ€™t deliver lasting transformation.

Join Celonis and Sysmex in a virtual roundtable to discuss how they have leveraged process mining during the pandemic - their best practices, how they have managed their supply chains and kept mission-critical operations up and running.

During this roundtable, you will learn:

  • How Sysmex used process mining to ensure availability of critical materials for customers during times of escalation.

  • Discussion of market shifts, trends, and emerging strategies.ย ย 

Elizabeth Powell - Sysmex
Elizabeth Powell
Sr. Manager Customer Operations
Sysmex America, Inc.
Kris Cherukuri - Sysmex
Kris Cherukuri
Director, Enterprise Systems
Sysmex America, Inc.

Discussion points:

  • What is your process for mitigating risk and finding alternative suppliers during this time?

  • How are you optimizing your supply chain and understanding where it is most vulnerable to disruption?

  • How are you keeping staff abreast of order statuses and flagging any bottlenecks?

Why should you attend?

  • Hear from industry leaders

  • Share your expertise and experience

  • Gain feedback from your peers facing similar challenges and opportunities


  • Introductions from Celonis & Sysmex

  • 40 minute interactive discussion with other participants

  • Celonis moderator will guide the session in order to generate impactful discussion

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