How to Start Your Process Optimization Journey

Roundtable - Process Optimization Journey

How to Start Your Process Optimization Journey

February 18th

Many organizations struggle to digitize end-to-end processes. A common stumbling block is the inability to identify precisely how your processes are working.

However, capabilities have emerged that allow you to quickly diagnose the common and not so common frictions that exist today. Doculabsโ€™ first peer roundtable in 2021 will focus on the techniques that allow firms like yours to better understand how leveraging existing data can help identify opportunities for improvement, which in turn can be a critical component to speed your time to straight-through processes.

Topics for this discussion may include:

  • What is process mining, and how is it being used today to improve process optimization

  • How can you overcome the most common data challenges of collecting process data?

  • What does the first 30 days of a process mining effort look like?

  • How do you develop the business case?

  • Which use cases are the best candidates (P&C claims, client onboarding, money movement)?

  • What do you expect the primary benefits to be โ€“ How do you decide the KPIs to focus on?

We will be hosting the meeting as a peer-to-peer conversation over zoom.

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