Lunch & Learn Series

The S/4HANA Migration Luncheon

The S/4Hana Migration Lunch & Learn
Lunch & Learn Series

The S/4HANA Migration Luncheon

About this Week’s Theme: Fit-Gap Analysis

Fit-gap analyses are often time consuming, costly, subjective & inaccurate. Identifying the gaps in the blueprint involves workshop upon workshop with subject matter experts and stakeholders, who struggle to leave their politics, feelings and biases at the door.

Join us as we dive into how you can answer these key questions related to your fit-gap analysis in a data-driven way: 

  1. Is the standard viable for us? 

  2. What are the gaps that might make it not work for us? 

  3. Which gaps are the most important to fill? 

  4. How can we fill a particular gap?

  5. Are the solutions to our gaps themselves viable?

Imagine showing up to a validation meeting knowing objectively what you are presenting works for the majority of the business needs. Going from opinions to facts, meetings can be used to confirm what the data told you and incorporate qualitative feedback into your design, rather than subjectively discussing deltas and root causes. Sounds good? Then we’ll see you on December 1st.

Celonis & System Migrations

Celonis’s analytical application for System Migration enables IT teams to deliver strategic value during migration projects by understanding their end-to-end processes across their system landscape, eliminating friction in their as-is and to-be processes, proactively mitigating migration risks, and monitoring process adoption to accelerate value realization. 

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