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Uncovering new possibilities at Siemens Energy

Measurable added value for your business, your customers, and the planet

Siemens Energy is more than just an energy technology company. You are committed to finding sustainable, reliable and affordable solutions and shape the energy of tomorrow.

This big ambition doesn’t surprise us. Over the years, Siemens and Celonis have become well acquainted. We have helped address challenges across procurement, logistics and supply chain, delivering operational excellence and intelligent automation. We’ve helped improve returns on your digitization investments and started to maximize your execution capacity. 

So far, so good. But there is much more to do. And when it comes to energy, there is much more we can accomplish together. 

Delivering operational excellence and consistent product quality is vital. Vital, too, is your commitment to sustainability. It is no longer an option but a business imperative. Your strategic framework sets out clear priorities for sustainability at Siemens Energy. We can play a key role in driving this agenda forward. 

Together we have a track record in maximizing execution capacity. Our next stop? To help you build end-to-end supply resilience, ultimately fueling yours and your customers’ digitized future. 

Read on to discover the benefits Celonis will bring to Siemens Energy.  

Deliver sustainable efficiencies

An easier way to operational excellence

Siemens is in a continuous cycle of innovation and operational optimization so the business can better meet customer needs, reduce costs, improve manufacturing facilities, and create best-in-class product portfolios.

As Siemens continues to grow and innovate, Celonis Execution Management Platform will help raise the bar further. You can create an organizational Digital Twin, run simulations, set KPIs, and document processes to identify execution gaps and potential integration opportunities.

You would be able to deliver long-term savings, improve profitability and improve company competitiveness by enhancing the long-term cost structure.

Moreover, you could monitor performance across every tier of your supply chain. And by maximizing the execution capacity of your supply chain, you can build resilience, achieve greater competitiveness, and improve customer satisfaction.

How it works:

  1. Measures execution capacity in real time, identifying execution gaps

  2. Identifies the best course of action to close those gaps

  3. Takes automatic, intelligent action to immediately remove them

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The Celonis effect

Shorter throughput time
Higher machine utilization
Higher automation rate

See what others have achieved with Celonis

Uncover new possibilities at Siemens Energy

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Uncover new possibilities at Siemens Energy

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