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How does your Procurement department perform?

Find out for free with Celonis Snap

Move the needle in Procurement.

See how your Procurement department is performing - in just a week

Long supplier lead times, PO changes, and delayed deliveries bogging you down? See whatโ€™s holding you back in achieving your outcomes.

Harness the power of Process Mining to reveal hidden process inefficiencies โ€“ no more subjective opinions, no more guesswork.

  • Get 100% transparency into your SAP P2P process (Oracle and other ERPs available soon)

  • Track the KPIs and benchmarks that matter. Understand your supplier performance, spend, and purchasing behavior

  • Immediately identify inefficiencies like price changes, maverick buys, and late deliveries

Snap P2P Odometer
Snap P2P Odometer

Itโ€™s free, fast to set up, and easy to use. Get insights in just 1 week!

Drive success in a matter of days

Jump-start your Process Mining journey and drive process improvement by collaborating with Celonis experts.

Sign up in minutes with your email address. Already a Snap user? Simply log in to your Snap team.

Snap AP quickstart image

Click on โ€œNew Analysisโ€, select the Purchase-to-Pay for SAP quickstart, and request the SAP Extractor for P2P to extract data from your source SAP system. We will provide step by step guidance on how to extract your data with the help of your IT department. Upload up to 500MB or up to 1 year of transactional data.


See how your Purchase-to-Pay process actually runs and unveil inefficiencies with a pre-built, customizable analysis. Celonis experts will guide you through the entire process to ensure you get the most out of your analysis.

developing a program
Snap AP quickstart image
developing a program

Process Mining made easy and free

Fast and easy

Understand how your SAP processes really work to identify opportunities for process optimization in as fast as 1 week โ€” with a simple, intuitive interface.

Forget about manually calculating KPIs.

100% transparent

Say goodbye to subjective, time-consuming, and expensive Process Mapping โ€” and hello to a truly objective, data-driven process visualization.

No more subjective opinions, no guesswork.

100% secure

Snap adheres to the highest information security standards in order to protect your data. Read about our security features in the Celonis Trust Center.

Full data privacy.

Free for all

Try Snap yourself and analyze your AP process โ€” completely free. Share insights across the company quickly and easily.

Spread knowledge across your organization.

Start optimizing your P2P process today

Data-driven Procurement starts here. So why wait?

Explore other SAP processes with Snap

Accounts Payable

  • Monitor KPIs such as cycle times, cash discount rate, first-time-right and change rate

  • Identify late payments, maverick buying or low DPO


  • Monitor KPIs such as cycle times, first-time-right, on-time delivery and manual changes

  • Identify price changes, delivery blocks and rejected orders

Accounts Receivable Coming soon

  • Monitor KPIs such as cycle times, DSO, payment behavior and conformance rate

  • Identify late collections, payments at risk and manual changes per invoice

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