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Read and accept the disclaimer below to see how to enter the #SnapChallenge.

Become the Champion of Process Mining! Share your best analysis by January 10th for the chance to win a limited edition duffel bag and a 1.000€ donation to a charity of your choice.

By registering for the Celonis #SnapChallenge and posting a link to an analysis created by using Celonis Snap, you willing participate in a competition for the best posted analysis. You have to ensure that you are only using data for your analysis to which you own all required rights. If we decide at our discretion to name you as one of the winners of the #SnapChallenge, you will have the opportunity to donate an amount of 1.000€ to a charity of your choice. You are free to designate your preferred charity once you are notified by us. Please be aware that we reserve the right to reject your suggested charity in our reasonable discretion. In such case, we will contact you again to give you the opportunity to update your choice. Finally, please be aware that Celonis and its affiliates collect, store and transmit personal data submitted as part of this registration for the purposes of your participation in the #SnapChallenge. We will not transfer, sell or otherwise use your data other than for the #SnapChallenge. Any use of your data is subject to the Celonis Privacy Policy ( . *