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What is Process Mining?

Bridging the Gap Between Industry & Academia

Businesses of all sizes are starting to use process mining technology, making knowledge and experience in the field in-demand skills for any company, from every industry. We launched the Celonis Academic Alliance in partnership with the worldโ€™s leading universities to empower and encourage the process miners of tomorrow to share in learning and experiencing the power of process mining across the globe.

Academic Licenses

Claim your Academic Edition license to create process mining research teams, seminars, and lectures.

Educational Resources

Get started with our exhaustive e-learning certificate and facilitate learning with ready-to-use teaching materials, including lecture slides, case studies, hands-on exercises, and more.

Research Support

Celonis empowers students by offering grants and awards for process mining research projects, as well as research support, and co-supervision for student theses.

Contact the Celonis Academic Alliance

Whether youโ€™re curious about process mining, looking for educational materials, writing your thesis, or simply in need of technical support, the Celonis Academic Alliance is ready to assist your process mining journey in any way possible.

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