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How do your processes perform? Find out for free with Celonis Snap

There’s 2 sides to every process. How we designed them. And how we execute them.

Processes don’t run the way we designed them. That hurts execution and outcomes. Celonis Snap can help. The free Process Mining platform in the cloud lets you discover how your processes really work.

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See how your company is performing

  • Get 100% transparency into your processes 

  • Measure the KPIs and benchmarks that matter

  • Identify execution gaps and uncover their root causes

  • Make data-driven decisions, faster

Snap SAP Meter
Snap SAP Meter

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Drive success in a matter of days

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Connect your processes

  • Load up to 500MB of event log data from Google Sheets or a CSV/XLS/XES flat file
  • Use built-in connectors to source systems like SAP, ServiceNow, UiPath, and many more
  • Or use our demo data sets to discover how Snap works — no upload needed

Analyze your processes

See how your process actually runs and unveil execution gaps with a pre-built, customizable analysis. Take advantage of step-by-step guidance and built-in resources.

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discussing a solution
developing a program
celonis x degussa

Degussa started with the free Celonis Snap version and discovered loops and variants in their Customer onboarding process, limiting their execution capacity. When they upgraded to the Celonis Execution Management System to tackle the execution gaps they’d seen with Snap, they shortened their onboarding-time by 32%, while increasing automation by 20%.


“We were duly impressed by the many functions provided in the free Celonis Snap solution: It made the introduction to Process Mining quick and easy, and, at the same time, delivered impressive results.”
Mara Adermann
Data Scientist
Degussa Bank AG

Process Mining made easy and free

Fast and easy

Understand how your processes really work and identify execution gaps — with a simple, intuitive interface.

Forget about manually calculating KPIs.


Say goodbye to subjective, time-consuming, and expensive Process Mapping — and hello to a truly objective, data-driven process visualization.

No more subjective opinions, no guesswork. 

100% secure

Snap adheres to the highest information security standards in order to protect your data. Read about our security features in the Celonis Trust Center.

Full data privacy.

Free for all

Try Snap yourself and analyze your processes — completely for free. Share insights across the company quickly and easily.

Spread knowledge across your organization.

Start optimizing your processes today

Data-driven process optimization starts here. So why wait?

Dive deeper into Snap


Attend a webinar

Want to know more about Process Mining and how Snap can help you optimize your processes? Join our monthly Snap webinar.


Get the Snap Guide

The Snap Guide is your ultimate handbook for taking the first step in achieving Process Excellence.


Train your Snap skills

Enroll in the free Snap Online Training to gain hands-on Process Mining skills: From importing and analyzing data to identifying execution gaps.

Start your Process Mining journey today!

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