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Get an as-is snapshot of your business processes by connecting flat files and common systems like ServiceNow. Visualize the way your processes really work and identify friction points.


Prioritize process enhancement actions by the impact on your business.


Track your processes with full transparency, and continuously improve with internal and external process benchmarking.

Process Mining for All

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Sign up in minutes with your LinkedIn profile or your email address. Take advantage of step-by-step guidance and built-in resources like video walkthroughs.

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Load up to 1 GB of event log data from a CSV/XLS flat file or use built-in connectors to common systems like ServiceNow.

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Become part of the Celonis Community to ask questions, access resources, and share knowledge with other Snap users around the world.

Changing the Process Mining Game... Again

With the Celonis Intelligent Business Cloud, we brought Process Mining to the cloud. Now, with Celonis Snap, weโ€™re bringing it to everyone.

Alexander Rinke
Founder and Co-CEO, Celonis

โ€œSnap is not just a free version of our Enterprise product. With Snap, weโ€™re delivering features that our community of everyday Process Miners have been asking for.โ€

Manuel Haug
Head of Product Management at Celonis
Process Mining for the Enterprise of Any Size
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