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The Celonis Execution Management System helps businesses maximize the capacity of their Finance processes to achieve breakthrough performance.

Are you a VP optimizing working capital, or an AP leader maximizing cash preservation? An AR leader cracking down on late collections, or working to increase productivity in Procurement or Shared Services?

Whatever department, every function stands to benefit.

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Unlock capacity in Finance

The Celonis EMS is designed to unlock your capacity to perform at your full potential — freeing up working capital and maximizing productivity, while digitizing operations and managing risk and compliance.

The EMS extracts and transforms data in real-time from your transactional systems, identifying execution gaps — bottlenecks, manual rework, waste — from your processes.

It then takes action to remove them, intelligently automating workflows, prioritizing work by impact, and alerting your front-line employees to their next-best-action.

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How Celonis EMS drives results in every department

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Accounts Payable

Optimize processes to pay on time, every time, and increase DPO. Maximize cash discounts and eradicate duplicate invoice while ensuring compliance and driving productivity.

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Accounts Receivable

Identify patterns of late payments, missed discounts, and problematic suppliers. Improve billing accuracy, drive automation and knuckle down on productivity to reduce late collections.

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Understand the characteristics of maverick buying and pre-empt it. Increase your perfect PO rate — by eliminating rework, automating in the right places, and accelerating cycle times.

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Shared Services

Find the key to processing more invoices, orders and POs, faster and at a lower cost — whether that’s through automation, streamlining, eliminating rework and manual changes, or all of the above.

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‘We’ve seen a dramatic reduction in past-due, over 60% in less than a year, which is unheard of.’

Oscar Velazquez
Senior Director of Customer Operations
Sysmex America

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The Celonis Execution App for Accounts Payable

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The Celonis Execution App for Collections Management

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How Deutsche Telekom’s Shared Services Center saved over €66M

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