Process Excellence

As a Process Excellence leader, you aim to deliver outstanding outcomes across the business. But all too often, you can only rely on gut feelings and partial, subjective data to find the execution gaps that are holding back your performance. What you need is an accurate, unbiased view of your processes and the means to act on your insights. From increasing productivity and minimizing loss to reducing cycle times and making sustained quality improvements, Celonis can help.

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Unlock the execution capacity of your processes

It’s time to say goodbye to slow and subjective Process Mapping methods and costly consulting fees. The Celonis Execution Management System (EMS) is built to accelerate every aspect of the Process Excellence journey — from optimizing a single process to driving full-blown, enterprise-wide digital transformation. 

The Celonis EMS extracts data from your transactional systems to measure the execution capacity of your existing processes. It automatically knows where execution gaps — like bottlenecks, inefficiencies and unnecessary rework — are, and which of them have the greatest impact. It then takes action to remove them by automating real-time interventions across systems, as well as recommending next-best actions to the people on the ground.

With Celonis, you can continuously improve key business KPIs and easily quantify the impact of process improvements for your stakeholders.


How Celonis EMS Helps

Maximize Productivity

Maximize productivity

Boost the efficiency of your processes by streamlining operations or identifying the right opportunities for automation.

Reduce Operational Cost

Reduce operational costs

Cut down rework and manual changes for faster, more accurate — and ultimately cheaper — processes.

Drive Customer Experience

Drive customer experience

Processes are the engine of experience. Smoother processes mean better experiences for both employees and customers.

Achieve breakthrough results like Siemens

10 million
fewer manual touches

per year

Global technology powerhouse, Siemens, has increased its automation rate by 24% and reduced rework by 11% across their Order-to-Cash process, resulting in over €10M in savings.

Siemens postal-parcel-airport
Siemens postal-parcel-airport

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