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Despite the depth and breadth of today’s sales technology and applications — from CRM to sales analytics —  sales organizations are still struggling to perform at their full potential. They rely on gut feeling, basing their forecasting on the subjective assessment of their managers, and counting on their experience to identify and fix any gaps in performance. 

There’s no scalable and data-driven assessment of pipeline quality; no one-stop shop to detect and address pipeline gaps before they come to a head. The enterprise struggles to stay compliant with the required steps in the sales process — updating CRM is seen as a chore, not a value-driver. On the flip side, your reps are not always equipped with the right information to generate new leads. 

It doesn’t have to be this way — Celonis can help. 

Execution App - Opportunity Management

Maximize Sales execution capacity

The Celonis EMS is a breakthrough new technology designed to unlock execution capacity breakthroughs. Maximize the capacity of your Sales teams and processes to hit quotas faster, harder and smarter. 

The EMS extracts and transforms data in real-time from your transactional systems, identifying execution gaps — like when a deal is taking longer to close, or a pipeline gap is putting the quota at risk.

It then takes action to remove these gaps, intelligently automating workflows, prioritizing work by impact, and alerting your sales teams to their next-best-action.


How Celonis EMS Helps

win more

Hit quotas

Increases sales productivity by prioritizing actions based on your desired outcomes, and giving your sales teams consistent, intelligent real-time guidance at every step.

win faster

Speed up sales cycles

Immediately find and tackle any execution gaps affecting your performance in pipe generation, progression, or closure, fixing them either automatically or through next-best action recommendations.

win smarter

Forecast more accurately

Minimize forecasting risks and ensure adherence to the sales process, making sure your sales team has exactly the right information, at the right time.


Dell Technologies is giving 500,000 hours back to their Sales team with Celonis & Splunk.

Pranay Jaswal
Director of Business Architecture and Process Digitization
Dell Technologies

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