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Supply Chain Transformation: Master Data Improvement Demo

Discover the easy way to optimize supply chain planning using the Celonis Master Data Improvement App.

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Ready to transform your supply chain planning?

Supply chain planning parameters are key to meeting service levels and optimizing working capital. Yet the pace of today’s consumption and replenishment patterns makes it challenging to keep them up to date, resulting in stockouts and excess inventory.

Join our experts for a discussion on how you can easily maintain these parameters and improve supply chain planning with the Celonis Master Data Improvement App.

Watch our demo and learn:

  1. The problem with traditional supply chain planning
  2. The easy way to keep supply chain planning parameters up to date
  3. A deep dive into maintaining planning parameters using the Celonis Master Data Improvement App
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Alejandra Quinones
Alejandra Quinones
Product Marketing Manager
Sahir Jiwani
Sahir Jiwani
Senior Product Manager
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