EDP Comercial Supercharges Digital Transformation

At EDP, "digital is a people thing." As a global leader and innovator in the energy sector, Energias de Portugal (EDP) is undertaking a massive digital transformation of their business processes.

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EDP Comercial Supercharges Digital Transformation with Celonis

As a global leader and innovator in the energy sector, Energias de Portugal (EDP), the Portuguese electricity and gas seller from Group Energias de Portugal, are undertaking a complete digital transformation of their business processes in order to meet the demands of changing times.

“We realize that the world is changing,” says Allen Vasconcelos, Head of Digital Hub within the Digital Global Unit at EDP, “And if we don’t create flexibility to prepare for the uncertainty of the future, we’ll be in trouble. Our main goal is to prepare the company for a very different future where digital plays a key role.”

To kickstart their goals for digital transformation, EDP Comercial turned to Celonis, and have since used process mining software to achieve enterprise-wide initiatives including adding business agility across departments, achieving frictionless operations, and delivering faster, more reliable customer service.

Transforming EDP Comercial's Processes & Culture

From the start, Allen’s goal was to empower business units across every department with digital tools and resources they needed to gain the flexibility and solutions necessary for the future.

To accomplish this goal, EDP Comercial created a collaborative digital environment by empowering their departments with Celonis process mining, which allowed teams to review and analyze insights across departments, and work together to take action on their analyses.

“What we are doing here we call digital transformation, but what we are actually doing is making a business transformation,” says Allen. “It is mainly to look for solutions that can deliver not only flexibility and different ways of doing things, but also to give some empowerment to the business units.”

With the help of tools like Celonis, Allen and his team are creating a new culture at EDP Comercial in which digital resources are accelerating operations, boosting efficiency, providing agility, increasing customer satisfaction, and bringing teams together in a new collaborative environment.

"What we are doing here we call digital transformation, but what we are actually doing is a business transformation."

Spreading Agile Methodology Across Departments

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With flexibility being one of the main goals of EDP Comercial's digital transformation initiatives, Allen is taking the agile methodologies commonly used in their IT department, and spreading them to all other business areas.

We are trying to merge new ways of working, these new spaces, this culture, these completely different rules, we’re trying to embed these ideas into the company,” says Allen. “We are now trying to push the agile methodology out of the IT department to marketing, human resources, and all other areas of the company.”

This further aligns with their vision of merging their IT department with all other business areas—a move that they believe will be necessary among companies of all industries and sizes in the near future. EDP Comercial believes that soon, IT will not be seen as an independent unit of a company’s structure, but a unit that freely shares its knowledge and information with all other business areas.

EDP Comercial—as most other companies are now coming to realize—used to centralize their agile methodologies in their IT department, in order to give them the flexibility they need to quickly adjust to the constant and rapid advancements in technology. However, their new digital transformation initiative is pushing to have business agility become a main focus among all departments in order to always be prepared for future challenges and opportunities.

To achieve this, EDP Comercial is equipping business units with process mining tools that produce predictive analytics and actionable insights, which are providing teams with proactive alerts and solutions to all future issues detected by AI tools.

"We are now trying to push the agile methodology out of the IT department to marketing, human resources, and all other areas of the company."

Generating Operational Process Improvements

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In a similar vein, Ricardo Henriques, Deputy Director of Technological Transformation Programs and Automation of EDP Comercial, is digitally transforming their Sales-to-Debt cycle and Customer Care business units to create an accelerated, efficient and more collaborative environment. According to Ricardo, Celonis has been increasingly effective in empowering EDP Comercial’s finance departments to make quicker, sharper decisions, and adapt to changes that they wouldn’t have been able to detect without process mining.

“When we link some different processes in an interconnected way, you understand the link between, for example, the sales and the contract phase, which allows our teams to reshape and resync about the KPIs that they are using,” says Ricardo. “Now, our contracts or sales leads connect to rethink, review, and redefine their KPIs.”

EDP Comerical’s operational departments started using Celonis process mining to interconnect all the B2C processes throughout the Sales-to-Debt cycle. Today, they are using these tools to analyze and control process performance, identify process improvements and increase automation throughout to reduce the time of error handling and improve operations service levels.

“Regarding regulatory and compliance issues, Celonis helps us by providing new perceptions of objectivity and transparency in our processes,” says Ricardo, “so we know now how our processes are truly running in the real world, which gives us more control over our processes and helps us make faster, more effective decisions.”

"Digital is a people thing."

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It’s been clear to the heads of EDP Comercial from the start that increasing the use of digital tools isn’t meant to remove the human element from a business, but to empower employees with the means to work smarter and faster, ultimately resulting in higher-quality customer service.

Today, Allen and Ricardo plan to further empower their business units and create more enterprise agility by accomplishing their goal of putting 85% of EDP Comercial's systems in the cloud, ensuring the flexibility and the time to market they need to face the near future.

“Digital is a people thing,” says Allen. “That’s a statement from our CEO, and that’s exactly what we are doing here now.”

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