Globus zeroes in on their processes to deliver the perfect customer experience

The Swiss luxury retailer Globus strives to provide flawless customer service. Celonis EMS has enabled the retailer to bring full visibility into their shipping and eCommerce processes, reduce cancellations and lead times, and achieve real performance breakthroughs.


Globusโ€™ customers want to treat themselves to luxury โ€“ and thatโ€™s exactly what the Swiss retailerโ€™s 13 department stores and 30 specialty shops have to offer. From high-end fashion and cosmetics to the finest delicacies and exquisite wines, Globus has been stocking goods of the highest quality since 1907.

Their ultimate goal is to deliver a flawless customer experience. Service is paramount in their stores โ€“ the staff is there to guide customers through beautifully arranged product displays, advising them and recommending items they didnโ€™t even know they wanted.

With the rise of eCommerce however, competition is tough in retail. To survive, both offline and online experiences must be convincing โ€“ and complementary. The company uses an omnichannel strategy to integrate its customers both online and in stores. At present, Globus generates more than 10% of its revenue from online sales.

Their click-and-reserve process, for example, means customers can reserve a product online and then come in to try it on at their leisure before buying it โ€“ or not. With over 120,000 products on offer, this is a logistical challenge.ย 

Globus - What should I buy first

How small changes can lead to big impact

โ€œThese processes are quite new, and it was exciting to see if our definition of them matched the real processes,โ€ remembers Andreas Hink, Chief Digital Officer at Globus. In the past, Globus couldnโ€™t always deliver on orders and struggled with cancellations. Thatโ€™s when they brought in the Celonis EMS to gain full transparency over their shipping and eCommerce processes and maximize their execution capacity.

"Now, we can deliver on our promises to our customers 99.9% of the time."

โ€œThe devil is in the details. We found many little inefficiencies โ€“ cumulatively fixing them led to a noticeable reduction in our cancellation rate,โ€ explains Hink. For example, products that had already been claimed via click-and-reserve could still be ordered online by someone else. If there was only one item in stock, one order had to be canceled โ€” an execution gap that hurt their customer experience and revenue. Globus redesigned the process to make duplicate reservations a thing of the past.

Additionally, Globus found out that the display items โ€“ like shoes โ€“ were listed in the commercial product inventory. โ€œNeedless to say, these were not for sale, so we created a special inventory for them,โ€ summarizes Hink. โ€œNow, we can deliver on our promises to our customers 99.9% of the time.โ€

Insights you can act on โ€“ immediately

โ€œThis simply wasnโ€™t possible with the tools we used before. We have many different business intelligence systems, and it took a lot of time and effort to manually analyze the data.โ€ With Celonis EMS, the Customer Analytics & Reporting team leads can now gain full transparency into their processes with just one click.

They also value the flexibility of the EMS: โ€œWe can build dashboards very quickly and react instantly to our business requirements.โ€ Whatโ€™s more, they were able to establish new KPIs and visualize and optimize their throughput time. Celonis showed them for example that a number of online orders were being fulfilled using items taken directly from a Globus store rather than a central warehouse. These items would have to be sent back to the logistics center before being sent on to the customer, delaying their delivery.

By making sure the product is already available at their warehouse, Globus saves time and money, and delights their customers by delivering their purchases faster than ever.

Globus - Jonas & Nicolas

Faster throughput times and a 20% decrease in cancellations

The head of Logistics is fully aware of how delivering items straight from their stores was causing big delays in their throughput time. โ€œNow I know where the goods are, where theyโ€™re from, how they got there. Celonis has become an important tool, a simple way to understand whatโ€™s working and whatโ€™s not.โ€

He and his colleagues have introduced new logistics dashboards that visualize throughput times, cancellation and return rates in real time. Throughput time has decreased significantly, and the overall cancellation rate is down by 20%.

Celonis has also made collaboration easier across departments when it comes to reporting. โ€œWe work with the same KPIs across Purchasing and Sales.โ€

Globus - Logistics 2

Transparency and control for everyone, at every level

Globus wanted every employee to benefit from their digital strategy, so they decided to leverage Celonisโ€™ next-best-action recommendations and alerts. Their digital project manager describes it as โ€œan external mailbox that sends me e-mails and says: โ€˜Hi, there is something going wrong.โ€™โ€

"We used to combine data from five different systems to get an overview. Now, this has become so much easier."

The head of Digital In-Store adds: โ€œWe now have a better overview of article reservations. The EMS tells me which reservations have expired and need to be sent back. This also prevents sales we canโ€™t fulfill from going through.โ€

Celonis has become an intelligent system everyone uses. โ€œThe sales staff can take an in-depth look at their orders and provide customers with more up-to-date information. And their managers can keep an eye on every process.โ€

Both appreciate the usability of Celonis: โ€œWe used to combine data from five different systems to get an overview. Now, this has become much easier.โ€ In the future, they plan to provide more employee training to expand the use of Celonis in stores.

Letting people focus on whatโ€™s important

Next on the list for Chief Digital Officer Andreas Hink is increasing the automation rate in purchasing processes.

His main objective is not to reduce costs, but to focus resources on whatโ€™s important โ€“ the product line itself. Retail buyers shouldnโ€™t have to deal with technical difficulties, for example โ€“ they should be focusing exclusively on which new items might be interesting for the customer.ย 

Ultimately, Andreas Hink knows that the majority of his customers still want to see, touch, and feel the products theyโ€™re buying. โ€œWithin the framework of our digitalization strategy, we are not changing our business model in a disruptive way. We believe in brick-and-mortar retail and the interplay between online and offline.โ€

With Celonis, Globus can execute this interplay seamlessly.

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