EMS for Sustainability - November 5th and 18th

Global Ideathon for Sustainability

Process Mining enthusiasts from around the world come together to explore how the EMS can be used to tackle major sustainability challenges like Food Waste and Nonprofit Fundraising. Ideate and propose the most powerful solutions with process mining and automation for the chance to implement them with Celonis and to win cash prizes.

Sustainablity Image
Sustainablity Image

On November 5th and 18th, Celonis, our Ecosystem partners, students, and other Process Mining enthusiasts are coming together to learn about the potential of the EMS for sustainability, explore core use cases, and develop skills and expertise on applying EMS to tackle Sustainability challenges. What makes this challenge special is not only the important topic, but also the community of passionate EMS users that is coming together to identify solutions together in teams with diverse backgrounds and experiences. We will be pairing consultants and other industry partners with students and Celonauts to work together for the best outcomes! 

We invite you to sign up - individually or with others as a group - for a use case that you are passionate about. We will match registrants based on who else you sign up with, your sustainability use case of interest, and complementary backgrounds and roles (students, consultants, etc.) so that there is a robust mix of skills and perspectives in each group.

Alex Quote

There is no Planet B - this is why one of our core value at Celonis is “Earth is our future”! We need to join forces to tackle the most important execution challenge of our time - creating a sustainable future.

Alexander Rinke
Co-CEO & Co-Founder
Janina Nakladal

“Process Mining has never just been a technology to me but a way of thinking. I am convinced this mindset will bring sustainable ideas to life – for our customers, society, the environment and us, the Celonis team.”

Janina Nakladal
Director of Sustainability

Use Cases

Food Waste

1.3B tonnes of food are wasted annually, much of which is lost due to inefficient transport and warehouse management or missing communication between retailers and food banks - causing food to expire before it can be consumed. How can we tackle these inefficiencies and close the communication gap?


Today, most production processes have a significant environmental and social footprint due to high carbon emissions, pollution of soil and water and insufficient labor ethics. How can we create necessary process transparency and actively reduce emissions?

Nonprofit: Fundraising & Donations

A predictable flow of donations and funding is essential for nonprofits to power their engagements. How can we maximize the output of the nonprofit’s donation sourcing activities while minimizing the necessary planning and management involved in these activities?

Nonprofit: Volunteer Management

Volunteers are the main enablers for Nonprofits to create their positive impact in the society and environment. How can we ensure a seamless volunteer sourcing, onboarding and management process to minimize the administrative overhead and empower volunteers to focus on creating an impact?

Register Now

Sign up now to secure your spot in our global ideathon. You can choose your prefered use case and time and you will hear from us on your allocated spot within a week.

Details on the Event

What can I expect from this Ideathon? 

On November 5th, your team of students, Celonis’ industry partners, and Celonis will come together to kick off this Ideathon! Together, your group will work together as a team to 

  1. Research and become experts in your sustainability use case

  2. Learn about the general potential of the EMS for sustainability use cases and then use this knowledge to identify key barriers to tackle and KPIs to work towards in order to improve the current state of this topic 

  3. Over the course of the next two weeks, prepare to present your use case solution on November 18th leveraging Celonis EMS tailored to your topic with the objective of creating the most impact

We will select top solution per use case and award it with a $2,000 prize money and a chance to implement the solution. 

What do I need to bring? 

We ask you to bring your energy, willingness to apply yourselves to research and ideate on these topics, and a curiosity for what can be possible. No prior Celonis training is required to participate

Timeline for the Ideathon

Up until 4th of November
Up until 4th of November
Registration and Group Matching
Sign up until the 4th of November to take part in our global Ideathon. We will set you up with a group and share all relevant material with you upfront.
5th of November
5th of November
Ideathon Kickoff
Teams come together around the world to meet remotely, discuss the EMS and use case topics in plenum, and start the process of creating a use case solution in your individual teams.
18th of November
18th of November
Ideathon Finale
After 2 weeks, we will come together again online in a half-day event to share our use case solutions with the whole plenum. Afterwards, a winning group per use case will be picked and awarded with $2,000 prize money.


Whether you’re curious about Process Mining & Automation, looking for educational materials, writing your thesis, or simply in need of technical support, the Celonis Academic Alliance is ready to assist your Process Mining journey in any way possible.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Academic Alliance community.

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