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Celonis at Gartner Symposium

Marketplace: IOCS

Hall: Atlantic Hall

Booth #632
Oct 20th - 24th, 2019
Booth #632

Accelerate Enterprise Performance

Digital transformation initiatives are hitting every department of the enterprise — leaders across your business are pushing to upgrade systems, implement new tools, and digitize new workflows. The result? An enterprise tech stack that is increasingly heterogeneous and more complex for your team to deploy, support, and optimize. It’s more difficult than ever to get the insights you need to make improvements and the tools to turn those insights into action. Join us at Gartner Symposium to learn how IT leaders around the world are using Celonis to accelerate the performance of key systems and build superfluid enterprises.

Gartner- Accelerate
Gartner- Accelerate

Join us at Gartner Symposium to learn how Celonis Helps IT leaders deliver business impact:

  1. Accelerate major system transformations such as S/4 HANA migrations, Salesforce consolidations, and ERP harmonizations.

  2. Maximize value from core systems such as ERP, enabling the business to achieve key objectives like optimized working capital, reduced compliance risk, increased on-time delivery.

  3. Discover, enhance, and monitoring any process running through your IT systems — from incident management and accounts payable to warehousing and procurement. Leverage AI and ML capabilities to make these processes more efficient and intelligent.

Gartner - join us
Gartner - join us

Speaking Session

October 24th
October 24th
Frictionless Future: Process Excellence helps NY Foundling Support Children in Foster Care
- Room 2
Sessions Details

Process excellence is vital for every organization, but when you’re one of NYC’s largest nonprofits for children and youth, optimizing processes toward real outcomes is mission critical. NY Foundling is a digital innovator, using technologies like Celonis to deliver on their mission. Join the CIO Arik Hill and the executive team behind this digital transformation as they share how they’re leveraging technology to improve outcomes for children.

Join us to:

  • Learn how NY Foundling uses Celonis to save time, money, and improve the experience of community members who access their services

  • Hear strategies for ensuring that insights from process analysis get turned into action at scale

  • Gain best practices for ensuring value realization and adoption across a diverse user base

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