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Download our Process Mapping Template

Process Mapping is time-consuming, costly, and often subjective and inaccurate. What a way to start the often first phase post-kick off of any enterprise system migration!

The objective appears so simple - map and document the as-is processes across the organization. Yet multiple surveys, workshops and time studies from consultants later, many companies find themselves seeing the loudest voices being the ones heard, rather than the most logical ones. Everyone feels their custom code is the exception and without clear and easy to navigate data the migration may be off to a risky and costly start.

Which is why Celonis customers focus on data. This one-page template has been anonymized from one of our customers, created to assist them with prioritizing the above challenges in a simple manner. And whether you are a Celonis customer or not, we hope it allows you to tackle your process mapping migration phase in an efficient, goal-oriented, data-driven manner.

Celonis & System Migrations Celonis’ Execution Management System enables IT teams to deliver strategic value during migration projects by understanding their end-to-end processes across their system landscape, eliminating execution gaps in their as-is and to-be processes, proactively mitigating migration risks, and monitoring process adoption to accelerate value realization.

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