Process Mining Lunch & Learn: Next-Gen Internal Audit & Control: more Efficient, increased Assurance

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Process Mining Lunch & Learn: Next-Gen Internal Audit & Control: more Efficient, increased Assurance

April 19th  11:15-12:00 BST | 12:15pm – 1:00pm CET 

Join us for our monthly Lunch & Learn session. While you are enjoying your lunch (CET), we will walk you through various Process Mining use cases related to the Celonis Execution Management System (EMS) and its applications.

Topic:  “the Next-Gen Internal Audit: More Efficient, Increased Assurance”

In this Lunch Learn session hosted by Internal Audit & Control specialist Protiviti* and Process Mining developer Celonis, we are going to focus on Internal Audit & Control Excellence and the way Process Mining can make the ‘life’ of Internal Auditors much easier. By using contemporary techniques, Internal Audit functions are better supported in scoping exercises, assessments of data driven processes and more effective in reporting on full populations of controls.

This Internal Audit & Control session will cover:

  • How data-driven process mining helps you to identify what went well and what went wrong in your business processes, including where to extend and why

  • The added value of delivering data-driven improvement to control assessments

  • Possibilities for continuous monitoring of transactional data, including automation of actions

  • Other use cases within Audit & Control that can enhance your control environment

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*Protiviti is a global business consulting firm that has established itself as a leader in Internal Audit & Control since its inception. Over the last 20+ years, Protiviti has observed the internal audit function evolve as a result of increasing requirements to comply with new laws and regulations, as well as pressure to adapt and change companies’ technological landscapes.

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Joris van de Veerdonk
Data & Analytics Lead
Alex Psarras
Alex Psarras
Associate Director Internal Audit Analytics
Carl Maas
Carl Maas
Regional Vice President and Country Manager Benelux
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