Koch Industries Process Mining

How Koch Industries is streamlining its Service Desk using Celonis Process Mining

Watch the webinar to discover:

  • How has the role of a Service Desk been changing over time?

  • What are new trends in the market requiring rethinking?

  • How can process mining technology improve the customers’ Service Desk?

  • What are common inefficiencies Service Desks are facing today?

  • What were the drivers and goals behind Koch Industries' first Celonis Process Mining project?

  • What was the original project scope and how did it expand?

  • How does Koch Industries leverage the Celonis Process Mining capabilities today?

  • How did Koch Industries improve their Multiple Hop Tickets, Hey Joe Tickets, Problem Management and Automation Rates?

  • How does the connection of Celonis with the ServiceNow system work?

Hear firsthand from Celonis ServiceNow expert Marc Kinast how Koch Industries was able to win with Celonis Process Mining!

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Marc Kinast
Marc Kinast
Contributing Writer
Marc is Vice President, Business Development and Channel Sales at Celonis and a ServiceNow expert.

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