Process Transformation at Merck: Celonis Accelerating RPA

By Christoph Grossbaier

With so many automation initiatives falling short of their goals, itโ€™s easy to see why companies shy away from the undertaking. But with Celonis, Merck was able to establish a framework for automation that helped them determine not only the optimal path for selection and implementation, but ensure their ongoing success and expansion into other use cases.

Download now the webinar recording and learn how Merck:

  • Identified the best automation opportunities and gained management buy-in
  • Established robot benchmarking to verify their business case
  • Developed a pilot and scaled it to live operations
  • Built in adaptability to accommodate system changes

Hear firsthand from Steve Carpenter, Executive Director, Global Business Services Technology how Celonis helps Merck operate faster, smarter and more efficiently!

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