Protiviti Webinar

Protiviti: Using the Power of Process Mining to Deliver Next-Generation Internal Audit

Data and advanced technologies can be key enablers for internal audit functions seeking to transform while delivering increased assurance and risk focus, greater efficiency, and deeper and more valuable insights. Celonis process mining technology, combined with re-imagined audit processes, allows internal audit functions to accomplish these goals. Join us for this webinar, where Protiviti will discuss and demonstrate the game-changing opportunities process mining creates.

During this webinar, they will:

  • Introduce process mining concepts along with key features and benefits of the Celonis platform.

  • Discuss the importance of data and technology in the advancement of next-generation internal audit concepts.

  • Describe and demonstrate how process mining tools enable greater efficiency, effectiveness, and insight and deliver fundamental changes in the way internal audit activities are performed.

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