Partner Webinar I September 29 2022 at 11:00am EST/ 5:00pm CET

Accelerate your sustainability engagement to drive green line value

Sustainability Webinar On Demand
Sustainability Webinar On Demand

Learn how to take your client from reporting on sustainability strategy to operationalizing it for top, bottom, and green line value.

Driving sustainability in supply chain processes is an increasingly important focus area for organizations to meet ESG targets. Today, a high-performing company can no longer simply be efficient - it must also be sustainable.

Companies can leverage the Celonis EMS to reveal, reduce and prevent emissions and eliminate inefficiencies and inequalities from business processes with an unprecedented degree of granular visibility and built-in capabilities to take action.

Join Celonis experts, Shaina Shikoff, Senior Solution Engineer - Sustainability, Daniel Alvarez, Solution Engineer, Ecosystem in this live virtual event to learn how Celonis can can take your clients from reporting on their sustainability strategy to operationalizing it and actually achieving their goals, while simultaneously driving top, bottom, and green line value.


  • The increasingly urgent focus and ambitious goals around sustainability
  • Celonis operationalizing sustainability in the supply chain
  • Product demo
  • Realized outcomes
  • Q&A
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Daniel Alvarez
Daniel Alvarez
Ecosystem Solution Engineer
Shaina Shikoff
Senior Solution Engineer - Sustainability
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