WEBINAR October 22th, 3pm CET / 9am EST

C4C+: Sustainability

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WEBINAR October 22th, 3pm CET / 9am EST

C4C+: Sustainability

Sustainability is the greatest execution challenge of our time. Nowadays, it is a core pillar in the strategic agenda of most leading companies - process efficiency is a crucial lever for reaching these sustainability targets. The EMS enables you to embed sustainability KPIs in your client projects, whether it is about measuring and reducing carbon emissions, driving supply chain transparency or managing waste. By measuring these social and environmental impacts of the processes and sharing the KPIs next to the core financial KPIs you can create a holistic view of a process' performance for your client.ย So start increasing the value of your projects for your clients by making sustainability a key component of your analytics and join this session and learn aboutย 

  • the positioning of the EMS for sustainability,ย 

  • the core use cases and value driver, and

  • how to integrate them seamlessly into your client engagements

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