In Partnership with the IIA

How Campari ensures efficient and compliant processes with Process Mining

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In Partnership with the IIA

How Campari ensures efficient and compliant processes with Process Mining

Process Mining enables businesses to have 100% transparency across key business processes in order to uncover hidden inefficiencies, bottlenecks and compliance violations. These insights are used to increase the efficiency and quality of processes.

In an increasingly competitive market place, Campari needed to future-proof their business. As customer expectations continue to increase and the world becomes more reliant on digital technology, they invested in Celonis process mining to continue to deliver a world-class service. 

Campari started with by deploying Celonis for their P2P process in Italy and Germany and are now focused on a global roll-out and company-wide adoption with 1000+ licenses.

This webinar covers:

  • A data-driven approach to digital transformation with 100% transparency across multiple ERP systems

  • A dramatic reduction in maverick buying, POs without approval and duplicate payments using machine learning

  • Segregation of duties - how Celonis is helping the team to proactively counteract any conflicting violations

  • Campari’s new approach to audit - continuous monitoring and improvement of key processes, instead of a one-time review

  • Reducing compliance costs, increasing speed and boosting efficiency

  • Why Campari are now looking to expand process mining across the global business

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Our customers leading the way to Process Excellence

Deutsche Telekom

€66M saved by maximizing the execution capacity of their Procure-to-Pay process

Siemens video customer story

$15M saved annually by automating or removing 10M manual steps

Vodafone video customer story

11% reduction in process costs and 20% in time-to-market

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