Building a business case for a major migration

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Building a business case for a major migration

Featuring Guest from IDC

Driving innovation as an IT leader requires taking advantage of the latest enterprise technologies — whether it be the latest version of your ERP, the most innovative CRM, or new cloud tools. But for many of our core systems and processes, the prospect of migrating and transforming our legacy landscape is overwhelming and it can feel as if the risks and costs outweigh the rewards.

Join Celonis, and guest speaker, Ali Zaidi from IDC on October 22 for a live webinar about building a winning business case for your next major migration. Tune in to learn:

  • Where to find sources of business value in your migration project

  • Which KPIs are critical to measuring this value and which cutting-edge technologies should you be leveraging to capture these metrics

  • How to position the benefits of migrations in a way that will resonate with stakeholders across your company

Duration: 45 mins + 15 mins Q&A


Christoph Hakes
Data Scientist I Solution Engineering
Ali Zaidi
Ali Zaidi
Research Director, IT Consulting, Systems Integration, and Artificial Intelligence Services

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