How to keep mission critical operations up and running

Join us for the series covering topics on maintaining supply chain, preserving cash flow, and more.

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PwC & Celonis: COVID-19 emergency analysis in times of global crisis [GERMAN]
Securing the supply chain, production and active cash flow management is now more important than ever. Companies are required to react quickly and correctly to the rapidly changing influences in order to avoid failures of essential business processes.
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Central content of the webinar

  • Extend existing process data, dashboards and analyzes with current COVID-19 information
  • Establish immediate transparency about changing business processes and automate countermeasures to save money
  • Monitor the supply chain of critical materials from affected regions and identify alternatives
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Maintaining supply chain reliability in difficult times
The COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting supply chains around the globe. Companies need instant transparency to be able to ensure supply chains are still operating reliably. By understanding a suppliersโ€™ lead times, you can choose the right supplier for the right order, making accurate commitments to your customers based on expected inventory.
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In this webinar you will find out how Celonis can help you to make the best decisions possible in the face of uncertainty by leveraging process mining technology to:

  • Monitor your supply chain in real time
  • Surface the right data when you need it
  • Drive immediate action
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How to preserve your cash flow
Now more than ever, companies are tightly managing their working capital. The main goal is to achieve a neutral to negative cash conversion cycle: That means reducing the number of Days Sales outstanding, decreasing Inventory on Hold and Increasing the number of Days Payable Outstanding. This allows us to continue to run our operation without investing any capital into day to day activities.
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In this webinar, we will talk about how we can preserve cash in the accounts payable and accounts receivable process by answering the following two question:

  • How can we extend our payables as far as possible and minimize any type of unnecessary spend?
  • How we can improve our billing and cash collection to receive cash as quickly as possible?
  • How can we minimize our risk and capture as many overdue and high-risk receivables as possible?
Protiviti & Celonis: Applying Digital Tools and Process Analytics to Drive Insight During COVID-19 and Recovery
As the COVID-19 pandemic widens, many companies are realizing they are not prepared to manage the business challenges related to this event. With supply chain disruptions, financial struggles and liquidity concerns arising across all industries, the value of accurate and continuous insights regarding operations and financial performance are only more apparent. Leveraging digital tools to provide real-time analysis of business processes, greater transparency of performance and monitoring can help leaders make well-informed decisions quickly to address the now and speed up for recovery.
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At the end of this webinar with Protiviti and Celonis you will be able to:

  • Discuss key supply chain strategies and tactics to manage short term challenges
  • Explain types of supply chain and working capital analyses
  • Discover how process mining can help companies use their data to make decisions, prioritize actions and drive value

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