Unlocking Execution Capacity in Utilities with Celonis and PwC

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Unlocking Execution Capacity in Utilities with Celonis and PwC

Deregulation, decentralization and IT/OT conversions are increasing the number and complexity of Utilities’ business processes. These forces of change have made process synchronization a critical challenge, illustrated clearly by the execution gaps keeping Asset Maintenance stakeholders up at night:

  • Less than 60% of field work is completed by required completion dates

  • Only 30% of work orders are tied to an asset

  • 20% annual increase in corrective work orders due to depreciation schedules

With the Celonis Execution Management System (EMS) and PwC, Utilities have a technology and service provider at your fingertips that enable operators to automatically measure the performance of their as-is business processes and then unlock the potential of AI to realign underlying process activities toward significant improvements to core KPIs like asset availability, cost per work order and on-time completion.

During the webinar we will discuss: 

  • PwC’s Point of View on Utilities industry challenges and opportunities 

  • An overview of the Celonis Execution Management System 

  • Maintenance Use Case & Success Stories from Celonis customers like DTE, Uniper, Edenor 


Mike Scheller - PwC
Mike Scheller
Advisory Principal, Energy & Utilities
Patrick Lohmann - Celonis
Dr. Patrick Lohmann
Sr. Solution Engineer

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