Process Excellence Unlocked Series

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Process Excellence to Unleash Sustainability Performance
Sustainability is one of the most important global challenges of our time, but organizations often struggle to move from strategy to action. Learn how Process Mining makes it easier to meaningfully prioritize sustainability in every business process and what key levers your company can pull to progress from intention to results.

Speaker: Shaina Shikoff, Senior Solution Engineer - Sustainability, Celonis

The Business Case for Process Mining
Hear from Amardeep Modi, Vice President of Everest Group, as he outlines how to think about and build the business case for Process Mining. Learn why every business, in every industry, should have Process Mining on their transformation agenda including – drivers for Process Mining adoption, applications of Process Mining, high potential use cases, and business scenario-driven cost-benefit analysis.

Amardeep Modi, Vice President, Everest Group
Larry Dignan, Editor-in-Chief, Celonis

From Mapping to Mining:
Data-Driven Process Insights
Process complexity is at an all-time high, yet 72% of organizations still rely on manual methods for process discovery. These methods are not only time-consuming and costly, but also rely heavily on what people think is happening. In other words, they’re entirely subjective AND are typically a snapshot of a point in time. Discover how Process Mining provides a real-time X-ray of how your processes actually run. Learn how you can use that data to drive targeted action, and drive the KPIs that are going to move your company forward.

Speaker: Dounia Pajoheshfar, Product Marketing Manager, Celonis

Process Excellence Pitfalls
The journey to Process Excellence is a marathon, not a sprint. Avoid the roadblocks that are going to get in the way of your momentum. Discover the five most common Process Excellence pitfalls — based on our experience of over 2,500 customer deployments — and the ways to avoid them. It could be the difference between staying the course and going off-track.

Speaker: Jake Flannigan, Customer Value Senior Manager, Celonis

Operating Models, CoEs, and Change Management: Key Enablers to Drive Successful Digital Transformation
Operating models, Centers of Excellence (COE), and change management are becoming increasingly important for sustainable digital transformation and value realization with more companies realizing their significance. Learn key concepts and discussion points to raise within your organization across these topics.

Speaker: Kay Hong, Customer Transformation Director, Celonis

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