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Ovum - On the Radar: Celonis Intelligent Process Mining accelerates digital transformation

By Celonis

โ€œTransforming an enterprise to deliver more customer-centered processes, greater productivity, and reduced costs will appeal to almost any enterprise.โ€

Ovumโ€™s analyst report takes a closer look at the current market position of Celonis and why companies should put our enterprise software on their radar when talking about digital transformation. The key messages of the report are:

  • Celonisโ€™ partnership with SAP has catapulted the companies growth
  • Well-known consultancies and leading investors trust in Celonisโ€™ product
  • Process mining has the ability to speed up any transformation initiative

Read the complete analysis of our solution, which โ€œsits well with modern agile development methodsโ€ and โ€œprovides a strong basis for any business caseโ€ by downloading the full report โ€œOn the Radar: Celonis Intelligent Process Mining accelerates digital transformationโ€ here.

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