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The Process Mining Roadshow

September 26, 2023

T-Mobile Park (Mariners Stadium)

1250 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134


3:30 - 4:00 - Arrivals and Registration

4:00 - 4:30 - Welcome and introduction of Process Mining

4:30 - 5:15 - Celonis x Dell Technologies | Q&A

5:15 - 5:30 - Break

5:30 - 6:15 - Amazon use cases

  • Celonis Pilot with Amazon Accounts Receivable: Hear how Amazon Accounts Receivable was able to track process inefficiencies even if the process was executed on multiple different homegrown and third-party systems during their pilot, and where they plan to go next with their Celonis partnership

6:15 - 6:45 - Closing

6:45 - 7:05 - Networking and dinner

7:05 - 9:30 - Mariners vs Astros Game

The Mission

Amazonians are using Celonis, a process mining SaaS, to reduce defects and increase operational excellence in business processes We’ll reveal the secrets to:

  • How defect reduction happens real time with process mining SaaS at a granular process level

  • How finding/fixing defects has helped Celonis customers elevate worker productivity, reduce costs and optimize how they use cash

  • Customer stories, in their own words, of what the best run companies, with the most advanced tech stacks, and analytics capabilities discovered after they applied Celonis to their business processes

All of the above, told through stories of the people who have already done it. The biggest names in the business. A community of process obsessives. Live in Seattle.

Mariners Stadium - Amazon

Celonis-Amazon Relationship Summary

  1. Celonis/Process Mining helps Amazonians identify/fix process errors real-time to elevate operational excellence (i.e. defect reduction)

  2. Since the above maps to various S team priorities, many Amazon divisions are in advanced stages of Celonis evaluation/purchase: FinOps AR, FinOps ACES, RiskTech, Global Procurement Organization and FinOps Payroll ACES

  3. Celonis is an approved vendor with Amazon and has a MHSA on file

  4. Celonis is Third Party Security Approved (TPS) for highly confidential data

  5. AWS is Celonis' preferred cloud provider and Celonis has a multi-year commitment to build/grow on AWS

Meet the speakers

64 I San Francisco I Travis Cain I Sr. Director Global Transformation Architecture and Data Science Experience I Dell Technologies
Travis Cain
Sr. Director Global Transformation Architecture and Data Science Experience
Dell Technologies
Mihai Albert
Mihai Albert

Reasons to attend

Discover process mining

10 years ago a theory. Now a business necessity. Learn how process mining works, why it’s so important, and how to start, or scale, your value journey.

Hear stories from Amazonians

Hear real world use cases at Amazon and how Celonis is currently helping improve Finance. MSA in place and is currently helping improve Finance at Amazon. , Real world examples from companies in Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Consumer, and Financial Services. See how they use process mining to turn insights into results, to capture millions in value.

Learn from other tech leaders

Dell will present about their experience with Celonis and how it’s impacted over 50 processes across their company.

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