Adding videos to the expo

Follow the below steps to embed a video in an Expo booth. When attendees visit the booth, they can play, pause and re-watch the video on-demand.


Getting Started

  • From the "Booth video / content provider" drop-down menu, select your preferred video source (YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia)

  • Select the Content provider, choose the provider, and paste the video ID from the hyperlink. Click Save.


Tips & tricks

Add a YouTube Playlist

  • Adding a YouTube playlist will let attendees select which video(s) they want to watch.

  • Instead of adding the video ID (in step #4 above), add the entire playlist URL.

  • The playlist link must include **

  • To find the YouTube playlist URL:

Step 1

Open your YouTube playlist and click the playlist name on the right-hand side


Step 2

Copy the URL from the browser


Add a private Vimeo video

  • If your Vimeo video is set to private, only include the first set of numbers when inputting the video ID into Hopin.

  • A private Vimeo link has two sets of numbers separated by a forward slash: /

  • For example, to make play in Hopin, only add the first set of numbers into Hopin (451005534). Do not include the second set of characters after the forward slash (d0328).

Add a Wistia video

  • Videos linked from Wistia must be set to public on the Wistia account, otherwise they won't be played on Hopin.