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To maximize execution capacity, you have to know which tasks are the right candidates for automation, automate them in real-time, and consistently monitor and refine automation performance. Celonisโ€™ Automation capabilities remove the appropriate manual steps, intelligently route automations to improve KPI performance, and improve productivity across the entire organization.

The benefits of Automation

Improve productivity

Eliminate manual desktop tasks or keyboard jockeying between applications with modern, enterprise-grade system and application automations.

Business-user built automations for business impact

Enable business users to build automations with consumer-friendly point-n-click builder with business task specific calls to underlying source systems

Free up your people to work on what matters

Ensure frontline workers spend time on critical items and not on manual, repetitive and low-value tasks thanks to real-time intelligent tasks and alerts.

RPA only at the right time

Set up automations to engage frontline workers or RPA bots based on conditional logic, to ensure humans or bots take action when appropriate

Automation Features & Capabilities

Point-and-Click Skill Builder

Create Celonis Skills โ€” conditional automated workflows โ€” in just a few clicks. Drag and drop pre-built API calls, routing logic, and machine-learning-based sensors into a user-friendly graphical interface.

Screenshot - Process Automation - Connection Points
Pre-Built Business-Specific Actions

Automate common business tasks with pre-built specific API calls across a wide array of source systems, from SAP, to Automation Anywhere, to Google Sheets. Leverage secure, backend connections through these pre-built calls and use RESTful APIs or SOAP support homegrown or custom systems.

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Next-best Actions and RPA bot-triggers

Never miss an opportunity to remove execution gaps. Send timely recommendations to users or trigger RPA bots to ensure the right steps are taken at the right time.

Set Recurring Automation
Screenshot - Process Automation - Connection Points
Skill Creation (1)
Set Recurring Automation
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โ€œCelonis enables us to understand the impact of early deliveries and early payment on working capital across 500+ vendors, and trigger immediate actions to free up working capital.โ€

Stefan Maurer - VP Enterprise Effectiveness
Avnet, Inc.

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