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Maximizing execution capacity involves everybody in the organization. Celonisโ€™ Management capabilities provide user-specific views for each role in the organization, giving insight into their daily operations, recommended actions, and the ability to adjust priorities to changing needs.

The benefits of Management

Get proactive visibility into performance

Know exactly where you stand on KPIs relative to target and the actions you need to take to improve performance

Shift priorities in an instant

Instantly adjust the top KPI priority โ€” Celonis automatically optimizes the processes and recommends the right actions to the reduce execution gaps affecting that KPI.

Align front-line workers with a click

Ensure each front-line worker is working on items that most impact the desired KPI and are proactively alerted to execution gaps getting in their way.

Strategy Features & Capabilities


Executive Control Center
Use pre-packaged KPIs, or create your own to measure your execution capacity with the KPI Editor. They will be automatically integrated into your process model.

OppyMgt Manager Deep Dive

Operational Steering View
Enable team leaders to maximize team execution capacity with KPI monitoring, specific team-wide recommended actions, and process insights.

OppyMgt Manager Rep View

Daily Task View
Provide front-line workers with a view tailored to their daily activities, automating manual tasks, exposing potential execution gaps, and showing the historical path of each item.

OppyMgt Manager Deep Dive
OppyMgt Manager Rep View

โ€˜With Celonis, business transparency is just the starting point, but itโ€™s so much more than Process Mining. Celonis helps you go from knowing where the issues lie to execution, value realization, and ultimately, transformation.โ€™

Jana Vondran - SVP Global Business Services
Ingram Micro

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