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Intelligent automation is about more than simply eliminating manual tasks. Itโ€™s about connecting your desired outcomes to the right actions, and ensuring those actions are taken at the right time. Celonisโ€™ enterprise-grade Automation Engine helps you do just that with modern APIs, machine-learning triggers, and intelligent workflows known as Celonis Skills.

Where the Automation Engine fits into the EMS platform


The platform extracts real-time data from your source systems, and transforms it into knowledge.


The Core Mining Engine draws on machine-learning to interpret that knowledge, identifying execution gaps and how best to fix them, triggering the Automation Engine into action.


The Automation Engine takes action by intelligently automating workflows across systems, prioritizing work by impact and alerting people to their next best action.


The two engines work in tandem to continuously maximize execution capacity.

The benefits of the Automation Engine

Find the right candidates for automation

Trigger automations based on machine learning and business logic tied to your specific business goals โ€” so you automate only what actually drives improvements.

Have an immediate impact

The Core Mining Engine identifies execution gaps and triggers the Automation Engine to fix them in real-time, ensuring you can instantly impact execution capacity.

Automation that scales

Thanks to enterprise-grade cloud environments, Celonis automations are reliable, scalable and easily updated across your entire organization, without ever touching a desktop.

Automation Engine Features & Capabilities

Enterprise-grade API-based System Integration

Calable, repeatable integrations built with enterprise security standards and high-volume processing provide reliable, auditable confirmation of action in the underlying source systems.

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Intelligent Sensors

The Automation Engine and Core Mining Engine work in tandem to monitor all of your open cases in real time. It then uses machine learning to surface the patterns, changes, and predictions that expose gaps and trigger Skills to maximize execution capacity.

Copy of Knowledge Model - Sensor
Business Context-sensitive Skills

Celonis Skills are automated workflows with conditional business logic that make intelligent decisions and trigger appropriate automations based on the desired target KPI. Skills are created by business users with a point-n-click interface.

Skill with ML Router
Automation Impact View
Copy of Knowledge Model - Sensor
Skill with ML Router
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โ€˜When we started leveraging our data in Celonis, we confirmed that only 2% of POs were touchless. Weโ€™ve been able to improve that metric to 16% with the ambition of 30% in the next year.โ€™

Megan Guzauskas, Director of Customer Care, Central Operations

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