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Intelligent automation is about more than simply eliminating manual tasks. Itโ€™s about aligning your actions to achieve maximum execution capacity, and ensuring those actions are taken at the right time. Celonisโ€™ enterprise-grade Automation Engine helps you do just that with cloud-scale automation for mission-critical processes and intelligent workflows.

Where the Automation Engine fits into the EMS platform


The Automation Engine takes signals from the Core Mining Engine and uses Celonis Skills to turn those signals into action in real-time.


Skills define sensors and actions, telling the Automation Engine exactly what business condition triggers an action and indicating what that action should be.


These actions include automations in other systems, alerts to end-users, or prioritizing work at the user level, through role-specific views.


Each Automation can traverse multiple systems, ensure fail-over success, and run at the highest levels of certified secure integrations.

The benefits of the Automation Engine

Automation that scales

Run automations on enterprise-grade easy-scale cloud environments that are updated instantly, with no-down time, without ever touching a desktop.

Operational resilience

Include automations in mission-critical processes with secure, always-on application connections.

Have an immediate, intelligent impact

Ensure only the right automations happen at the right time, with actions based on business or machine-learning logic.

No DevOPs required

Reduce IT pains and costs associated with automation updates and monitoring thanks to pre-built DevOps automation capabilities.

Automation Engine Features & Capabilities

Automation Monitoring

Track overall performance and success with pre-built automation monitoring and alerting.

Automation Impact View
Enterprise-grade API-based System Integration

Run automation at scale with repeatable integrations built on enterprise security standards and low-latency processing.

Copy of Knowledge Model - Sensor
Error-handling and Auditable Confirmation

Ensure each API call reaches a successful ending, and meet audit and compliance standards with fully auditable transaction logs.

Automation Log
Instant Updates and Automation Improvements

Upgrade and improve automations with no down-time and 100% web-based automation development and deployment.

Skill Version Control
Automation Impact View
Copy of Knowledge Model - Sensor
Automation Log
Skill Version Control
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โ€˜When we started leveraging our data in Celonis, we confirmed that only 2% of POs were touchless. Weโ€™ve been able to improve that metric to 16% with the ambition of 30% in the next year.โ€™

Megan Guzauskas, Director of Customer Care, Central Operations

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