Reconstructing and visualizing processes

Celonis uses the digital traces of IT-supported processes to reconstruct what happens in a company. It shows all of the process variants, from the most common process flow to a full visualization of all currently running processes. With the intuitive Process Explorer, as well as many other flexible visualization and filtering options, you can zoom in to the single document level.

Detect vulnerabilities

Celonis detects any hidden vulnerabilities. You can see at a glance where inefficiencies occur that affect cost, speed, quality and risk in your processes. You can quickly determine your ideal processing time and search cases where time is lost through bottlenecks, unnecessary detours, and interventions, or where compliance issues may arise.

Identify causes and take action

Celonis uncovers the problems and weaknesses in your process, allowing you to make direct connections between their root causes and their solutions. The combination of powerful machine learning capabilities and an intuitive user interface helps to deliver the facts and clarity you need to make decisions and take action.

Compare as-is to should-be

Conformance Checking allows you to compare your target operating models to the as-is process, providing an automated fit-gap analysis. By leveraging embedded machine learning components, Celonis analyzes root causes for deviations and performance loss, highlighting the issues which have the greatest impact on process performance.

Real-time optimization

Celonis always puts you in control of your processes, ensuring continuous efficiency. Real-time process mining allows your business to respond to process deviations and changes in the market immediately. With a built-in digital assistant, Celonis empowers employees in daily operations to make smarter decisions in real time.

Apps for a quick start

Want to straighten out a few specific issues with your processes real quick? Our Content Store apps provide you with proven metrics and analytical tools we have developed in cooperation with our customers and partners. Lightning-fast to install and customize so you can start improving immediately.


Proactive Insights or PI - combines Process Mining with Machine Learning and A.I. to achieve highly intelligent and fully automated insights.

PI empowers your business to find answers quicker, make smarter decisions, and shape the future of your operations.

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Whether in the cloud or on-site: Celonis Process Mining can be embedded into your existing IT architecture in a very short time and with little effort.

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