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“Obtuvimos mucha visibilidad del comportamiento de pago de los clientes, lo que nos ha ayudado a renegociar muchos descuentos y a optimizar la forma de ofrecer nuevos descuentos, recuperando mucho dinero perdido en el proceso.”

Fernanda Freire, Director Asociado de Servicios Empresariales Globales y Minería de Procesos, Kraft Heinz
Industria - Industrias de consumo Process - Accounts Receivable Region - Europe
"Process Mining with Celonis helped our teams to adopt a proactive collections approach, and reduce overdues by around 30%."

Fernanda Freire, Associate Director at Kraft Heinz, shares how the company used the Celonis EMS to rapidly increase visibility of customer behavior, uncover inefficiencies, and be proactive on collections. 

We’re used to seeing customers make major leaps fast in how they manage and optimize processes at Celonis. Fernanda Freire of Kraft Heinz is one of them. As Associate Director of Global Business Services and Process Mining, Fernanda and her team have driven a global shift in how processes are understood, executed, and optimized in a matter of months. 

Joining us live at Celonis World Tour 2021, she walked us through Kraft Keinz’s journey so far. Here are some highlights from their story.

Kraft Heinz saw big returns, fast

One of the biggest drivers behind Kraft Heinz’s adoption of the Celonis EMS was a need to dive into Accounts Receivable (A/R) activity and improve how cash discounts were offered and managed across the food and beverage company’s customer base.

“Celonis really helped us understand what our teams were doing wrong,” said Fernanda. “We gained a lot of visibility into customer payment behavior, which has helped us renegotiate a lot of discounts, and optimize how new discounts are offered — recovering a lot of lost money in the process.”

“So far, we’ve already seen returns more than five times greater than what we invested into the use case, which has been fantastic.”

Uncovering previously invisible inefficiencies

When Fernanda and her team started using the Celonis EMS, they had a good idea of the kind of inefficiencies they were looking to root out and remove. But, in doing so, they also came across some issues that would have otherwise remained invisible.

“Early on in our journey, we were defining the steps in one of our processes, and we discovered that one of our teams was populating a field in SAP that nobody else even knew about,” explained Fernanda. “They were putting in a huge amount of effort to share information that nobody had a use for. So, once we knew about it, we were able to completely skip that step and save that team a lot of time.”

Reducing overdue payments by 30%

Process Mining has helped Kraft Heinz to better understand customer payment behavior — and collect payments more effectively as a result. 

“It’s easy to look back at your clients and see who hasn’t paid you,” said Fernanda. “But what’s harder is prioritizing between those clients, and seeing where you should act, and when.

“A lot of organizations have the data to understand that, but they’re not turning it into insights effectively”, she continued. “Process Mining with Celonis is helping us with that a lot. It’s helped our teams adopt a proactive collections approach, and reduce overdues by around 30%.”

Start small, then go global

Wrapping her session up with some final words of wisdom, Fernanda echoed a piece of advice many others also shared at World Tour 2021: Start small, then go big.

“Implement your solution, get to work on some big challenges that you know your organization is facing, help everybody learn throughout that process, then from there, go global,” she explained. “Every learner has different needs, so take things slowly, get everyone on board and up to speed, then expand Process Mining across your organization.”

Watch our full session with Fernanda from Celonis World Tour 2021 now to find out more about Kraft Heinz’s Celonis and process mining journey, and get more detail on how Fernanda has successfully created and led a high-impact process center of excellence at the global CPG giant.

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